Transform your printed magazine into a
digital edition
World Plus offers publishers a turn key free way to transform your printed magazine into a dynamic digital edition and gain net new readers from all over the globe.
WorldPlus is the next generation of magazine reading experience
Gone are the days of pinching and zooming into a PDF “digital” version of a magazine. World Plus takes that same go to print content and creates a futuristic dynamic multimedia rich version that are viewable on any screen size or device in the world.
Strong Brand Continuity
With the World Plus proprietary technology and incredible conversion team we have the ability to dynamically format your analog go to print content while following your style guide, ensuring a seamless match with your design to maintain strong brand continuity.
magazine covers
Transform your magazine into an immersive interactive experience featuring images, videos, and audio.
Elevate advertisements to a dynamic level, making them fully shoppable and enabling additional monetization through affiliate programs. Just a few of the incredible features that will be implemented into the digital conversion and available to publishers
Free digital conversions and inclusion into WorldPlusExposure to net new global audienceDetailed AnalyticsBrand Guide MatchingAdd affiliate links to advertisementsAdd additional advertisementsFully interactive advertisementsMagazines can be read on or offlineAdd back catalog issuesDrive traffic to publisher websites in magazine
World Plus Brings magazines to life to new readers from all over the world.
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